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* Would you like to make deeper, more focused progress on the work that you're creating for the world?

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Team GAIA Lab is a "dolphin pod" of
8-12 other creatives who are also developing their soul gifts, to make a much-needed impact in the world at this time.

Emphasis will vary based on the participants, and you will be matched with others who share your interests and goals.

Lots of 1:1 appreciation in a very special, facilitated container of trust & friendship.

This is the fastest and most enjoyable way to make deep progress toward becoming an effective world-changer!

Pay nothing extra today -
Founders' rate of $99 a month begins AFTER a 30-day trial. You will receive a reminder before your first billing, and may cancel anytime before that date.

BONUS: Receive Your Genius Session, a 90-minute recorded session in which we behold and appreciate your Soul's mission and voice in your life - and how it wants to express itself through your life's work!

Even if you cancel on Day 29, you will still keep your Bonuses and your lifetime Founding Membership in Team GAIA. 

If you want to create effective projects with people whom you KNOW are on the same wavelength, this is THE place to be! 

Your monthly membership support is a very powerful - and much appreciated - way to build your own dreams and ensure the future health of Team GAIA!

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Basic Team GAIA Membership: Free-Speech Platform, 30-Day Ninja Bootcamp + Weekly Roundtable Chats!

JOIN the only Community where you can speak openly with like-minded planetary mystics, while also developing your Sovereign Shifting skills! 

  • Forever Membership in a private censorship-free chat room that's custom-made for spiritual activist Truthers. 

  • 30-day GAIA Ninja Bootcamp explores how to use your innate quantum powers of Shift, while having way more fun in life! 

  • Potent Mini-Courses released regularly as part of the Dojo. 
    BONUS: Your first mini-course is Your Instant Life Upgrade, designed to help you bring fast and profound Shifts into your life!

  • Weekly Live Features include interviews with awesome change-makers and a council-style video chat, where you can get to know others in real time.

  • Online Bazaar - Feature your own goods and services with a deserving audience of fellow Ninjas.

  • Find innovative, world-changing projects to work with - or find partners to support your own!

  • International home-stays and work/live opportunities!

  • PLEASE NOTE: Roundtable chats will start on Zoom, and we commit to upgrade platforms anytime we find services that really work at protecting our privacy. 

    PLUS . . . 
  • 25% - 80% of your membership goes to heart-based community projects!

    * This month of July 2021, (God/dess willing!!!)
    we are finishing the house-building in Palestine, of Mahmoud Fayyad.

    (He is just $500 away from finishing a home for his family in Gaza, this pays for installing windows and plastering.)

  • AND: Automatically earn 25% cash back for each of your trusted friends and mentors who join the Team GAIA community at your invitation.